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Yoga Teacher Training Course (TTC)
200 Hours - International Certification Program

The Teachers Training Course (TTC) program designed by Wise Living Yoga Academy is accredited by the International Board of Yoga (*), and intend to provide strong foundation on Classical Yoga Philosophy (Patañjali Ashtanga Yoga), Lifestyle Principles (Yogachara) and Yoga Techniques (Hatha cum Raja Yoga). It will endow the Yoga Aspirants (Sadhakas) and Teacher Trainees with guiding principles for his own Personal Development & Habituation to Spiritual Consciousness and also the Didactics &  Methodology for imparting Yoga Wisdom & Training to individuals of all ages and provide basic advice for the management of common ailments(**).

Participants who complete the course successfully will receive an internationally recognized Yoga Certificate from Wise Living Yoga Academy and become eligible to get registered as Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200 hour level) with Yoga Alliance USA or with the Yoga Associations of their respective countries.

(*) IBY is a research and regulatory body associated to The Yoga Institute of Santacruz; (**) Please note that the TTC 200 hour Yoga Program offers the basic foundation for Yoga Therapy, and the Do(s) and Don’t (s) of all techniques are carefully examined in light of different health conditions. Also Lifestyle Management principles and Yoga Techniques are presented for the prevention of major human ailments caused by disorders of the hectic and stressful modern lifestyle. However the graduated participant is NOT allowed to call oneself a Yoga Therapist.


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Images from one of our
Yoga Teacher Training Courses (YTTC)
in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Images from one of our
Yoga Teacher Training Courses (YTTC)
in Bali, Indonesia



Course Structure & General Overview of Syllabus


Category of Disciplines and Description:

1. Yoga Philosophy & Lifestyle (YP&L) - (42 hours)

Covering the study of the Background of Yoga and Traditional Texts (Yoga Sutras of Patañjali, Samkhya Philosophy, Bhagvada Gita), Yoga Lifestyle (based of the 4 principles of Yogachara - Ahar, Achar, Vihar, Vichar) and includes Ethics for the Yoga Teacher.

2. Techniques: Training & Practice (T) - (102 hours)

Divided in:

  1. Analytical Training in how to teach and practice the techniques; and
  2. Guided Practice of the techniques themselves;

Covering the learning of techniques, training and practice. Includes principles of instruction, demonstration, observation, assisting/correcting:  asanas, pranayamas, kriyas, bandhas, mudras, mantras, and other traditional techniques. Conscious training in concentration and other practices which are conducive to Meditation are also covered here.

3. Teaching Methodology & Didactics (TM&D) - (26 hours)

Covering the principles of Experiential Learning, Attitude Training (bhavas) along with Asanas & Conceptual Activities. Includes principles of instruction, teaching styles, use of teaching aids, motivation, the student’s process of learning and the qualities of a teacher.

4. Anatomy & Physiology (A&P) - (20 hours)

Covering both the understanding of conventional anatomy and physiology (bodily systems, organs, etc.) and Yoga physiology (koshas, pranas, chakras, nadis, etc.)

5. Teaching Practice & Evaluation (TP&E) - (10 hours)

Covering the Actual Teaching Practice and aspect of Public Speaking. Includes giving correct instructions and demonstrations, giving and receiving feedback, observing others teaching and assisting students while someone else is teaching.

Written & Practical Examination

Total of 200 hours*

(*) Please note that your certificate will show that you have completed 200 hours of Formal Yoga Training which will make you eligible to register yourself as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200 hour level) with Yoga Alliance USA.


General Time Table

This is the time table of a 4 weeks program for your general information, which may change according to the discretion of the course coordination:

05:30 = Wake up time
06:30 = Guided Meditation (*)
07:00 = – Practice (Asanas/ Pranayamas)
08:30 = Breakfast
09:00 = Bath/ Laundry/ Rest
10:15 = Lecture (Traditional Texts/ Philosophy)
11:30 = Pranayamas/ Kriyas/ Karma Yoga (**)
12:30 = Lunch
13:30 = Guided Relaxation Session
14:00 = Lecture (Traditional Texts/ Philosophy)
15:00 = Tea Break
15:30 = Methodology/ Anatomy & Physiology
16:30 = Practice/ Teaching Practice
18:15 = Meditation/ Shanti Mantras
18:30 = Dinner
19:30 = Assignments/ Self-study / Group Sharing
21:30 = Lights Off/ Good Night











* Meditation –
Concious Training in Concentration through Breath Awareness
** Karma Yoga Detached or Selfless work

Structural Analysis of Theory and Practice Classes:

Practice (1) Consists of Techniques:
Training & Practicing (T) & Teaching Methodology (TM&D)
Practice (2) Guided Relaxation Practice ONLY* (T)
Theory (1) – Consists of Yoga Philosophy & Lifestyle (YP&L)
Group Dynamics (1) – May consist of (YP&L) or (TM&D)
Theory (2) – May consist of (YP&L) or (TM&D)
Theory (3) May consist of (YP&L) or Anatomy & Physiology (A&P)
Practice/Teaching (1) May consist of (T) or Teaching Practice & Evaluation (TP&E)


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Wise Living Yoga Academy offers Yoga training & counseling for individuals or groups, Yoga for the corporate sector, organizations, yoga seminars, workshops and wellness retreats. Yoga Teacher Training Course (YTTC) - Yoga Alliance (200 hour Level) and other Certification Courses. The sessions include Classical Yoga philosophy, conditioning & meditative practices, abstraction & concentration, asanas (postural training & exercises for body awareness, strength, stamina & flexibility), pranayamas (respiratory practices for bio-energy control), kriyas (Yoga physical hygiene), Yoga mental hygiene, relaxation practices & meditation for development of perfect health - physical, mental, moral and spiritual & for habituation to spiritual consciousness.

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